Gene Summers


Gene has been working in the architectural industry since 1991 and has been the lead on a diverse range of projects including ground-up projects, first and second generation interiors projects, and several pad site and development projects.  Gene has the ability to perform all facets of a design project from management to production, skills that help him excel in his role as Project Manager and Owner Operator. Gene is passionate about providing a happy, long term environment for our clients and is often complimented on his fast response to all inquiries and the ultimate sense of having the client’s best interests in mind.

In his spare time, Gene spends time with his family, enjoys every aspect of the outdoors and traveling to his favorite destination - Costa Rica.

Phone: 303.861.4800 ext. 7327

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Kimmy Summers


Kimmy is new to the design world but brings over 20 years of billing & accounting experience. She loves problem solving and being detail oriented which allows her to run the business day to day. Kimmy's role at TPS allows her to wear many hats, among her many functions, she enjoys working closely to oversee the team member's payroll, benefit and human resource needs. She looks forward to this next adventure in life of supporting TPS & it's great team!

Kimmy is a third generation Colorado native. She enjoys spending time with family and friends, especially her hubby & their four dogs! She also enjoys traveling to Costa Rica.

Phone: 303.809.6484 

Ashley Cano

Design Director, NCIDQ

Ashley received her Bachelor of Science in Interior Design from the University of North Texas, and gained valuable experience working for a reputable architecture firm in Dallas for 5 years before returning home to Colorado in 2008 and joining TPS. Ashley enjoys connecting with every client and understanding their specific needs and desires. She focuses on creating superb functional spaces, blended with an emphasis on timeless design and sustainability.  Ashley describes her design as “including the successes of the past, the needs of the present, and the vision of the future”. In addition to her Bachelor’s degree and NCIDQ certification, Ashley is proud to say that some of her work has been published. 

Ashley enjoys exploring Colorado with her family and caring for her assorted pets, furry, feathered, and finned.

Phone: 303.861.4800 ext. 7313

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Elvin Santiago

Senior Project Manager


Elvin joined TPS bringing over 20 years of design knowledge from various industries.  He received his Bachelor of Design- College of Architecture from the University of Florida, Gainesville.  His wealth of knowledge & experience on award winning corporate and hospitality projects makes him a key asset to any design project. Elvin is solution driven and detail oriented. His positive and can-do attitude is contagious and brings immediate value to the team.  In addition, he is pursuing his NCIDQ Certification.


Elvin enjoys the outdoors and will mostly likely find him mountain biking, backpacking local 14’ers or snowboarding.  He is also an avid world traveler with a goal of traveling to every continent and swimming in every ocean.  You’ll never know where in the world he might show up next.

Phone: 303.861.4800 ext. 7316

Messi Campos

Executive Assistant | Designer 

Messi joined TPS after graduating from Metropolitan State University Industrial and Instructional Design program. As a designer she is able to perform all phases of the design lifecycle. With each project she thrives to create functional and beautiful spaces; for that reason space planning is her favorite part of a project. She also enjoys collaborating closely with her clients to create a space that closely fits the budget, brand, and personality. 

Messi also enjoys her role as a executive assistant. She is heavily involved with project management in arranging budget reports and project financials. Messi’s role at TPS has allowed her to wear many hats, she is always looking for opportunities to learn and is actively pursuing her NCIDQ license.

In her spare time, Messi enjoys soccer, hiking, crocheting, learning new languages, and spending time with her family and pets.

Phone: 303.861.4800 ext. 7311

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May Her

Interior Designer Project Manager, NCIDQ | WellAP

May is an NCIDQ certified interior designer with over 12 years of design experience.  She is a graduate from the Art Institute of Colorado.  Prior to joining TPS, she had the privilege of working for a large award-winning architectural firm designing corporate, healthcare and municipal projects. 


Through her experience she has gained both the critical and creative skills essential in creating spaces that are both functional and invigorating. She also believes having a strong partnership with the client is of the utmost importance in all projects.    


When she’s not hard at work, May enjoys time with her husband and children.  She loves a good cup of coffee, hiking, and taking long distance road trips. 

Phone: 303.861.4800 ext. 7310

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Sophia Weight

Project Manager

Sophia is a rock-n-roll fan who also project manages. In that order. A Northern California native, Sophia has run numerous jobs as a project manager in commercial design and construction in California, Colorado, and Arizona.

Sophia holds a Bachelor’s degree in interior design from the Art Institute with a focus in project management (and graduated as Valedictorian). Sophia has experience managing construction projects ranging from Senior Living, Healthcare, Hospitality, Corporate, Multi-Family, and Residential (essentially, a little bit of everything). Sophia grew an eye for color and form at a very young age, having grown up in a family-run florist shop in the San Francisco Bay Area. She leveraged her love of design and construction into a career that utilizes both the left and right sides of the brain. Sophia enjoys taking a holistic approach to new projects with always keeping in mind the construction process to get to the end goal. She is a firm believer in the philosophy: “Listen better. Plan better. Build better.”

Aside from her day job, Sophia is also an accomplished musician. She has been professionally showcasing her vocal and percussion prowess since a very young tender age, coming from a long family lineage of musicianship. She has original music that has been released overseas on radio airways in 10 different European countries (queue the royalty checks…). When she’s not at work, you are most likely to find her writing new music and jamming with other musicians in her home studio. 

Phone: 303.861.4800 ext. 7321

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Justine Elliott 

Interior Designer, NCIDQ

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Justine got her start in design at a young age with elaborate LEGO houses, a constantly full sketchbook, and routine furniture rearranging. It came as no surprise to her family and friends when she went on to receive a degree in interior design from Oklahoma State University, (Go Pokes!) and later achieve NCIDQ certification. After a brief, snowy year working in healthcare and hospitality design in New Haven, Connecticut, she, and her husband moved to Denver for family, camping, and craft beer. 

Beyond LEGO structures, Justine has design experience across many disciplines. She has worked with residential clients, working through kitchen and bath remodels to assisting with furniture purchases and accent wall paint. She worked for an award-winning healthcare design firm where she assisted with 3D modeling, furniture layouts, and finish selections. Most recently, Justine worked as a commercial lighting rep where she gained knowledge of lighting and controls, as well as a new appreciation for all her A&D sales reps!

Justine would describe her design aesthetic as bright and natural, cheerful, and relaxed. On every project, she aims to create a strong connection to the outdoors with finishes and materials especially when outdoor views are limited. She loves to see mixed materials come together in unexpected ways and believes no space is complete without artwork and a plant or two. 

Justine loves baking, coffee, camping, her dog, her kid, and her husband… though maybe not in that order. 

Phone: 303.861.4800 ext. 7328

John Selected_Lighter.jpg

Interior Designer

John Cisneros

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John Cisneros is an interior designer who believes design follows the functionality of those inhabiting a space and that aesthetics will follow. He would also describe his aesthetic like an ideal first date: intimate setting, flattering presentation, and cognizant to details.

He grew up in the suburbs of New Jersey because his mother didn't want to raise kids in New York City. Eventually, he made his way there by attending Pratt Institute, in Brooklyn, and graduating with a BFA in Interior Design. He went on to design restaurants and bars in, what Alicia Keys calls, the concrete jungle. While it is where "dreams are made of" there was something he couldn't do, get out to nature as easily.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, John saw the silver lining in unemployment as to get the heck out of Hell's Kitchen. In June of 2021 he moved to Denver, and with hospitality hurting at the time and he chose to leave his bread and butter of restaurants and bar design to joined TPS in October of that year. Eager to integrate his knowledge to a more corporate setting.

Outside of work, John enjoys just that, being outside. While indoors, he enjoys trying out new recipes and binging on TV series. The Great British Bake Off falls perfectly in the middle of that Venn diagram.

Phone: 303.861.4800 ext. 7322


Frankie O'Leary

Interior Designer

Frankie O’Leary is an interior designer with an extensive background in architecture and interiors. Her work ranges from new builds to renovations, educational work to government work, and commercial spaces to nonprofit organizations. You name it and she has probably had experience with it.  

The process of turning an idea in to reality for clients is what Frankie enjoys the most about designing spaces. She values simplicity, balance, and detail in all her designs and no matter the space she always strives for beauty and function. 

After spending many years in Virginia and New Mexico, Frankie has moved back to Colorado with her husband and twin daughters. When not working she can be found exploring the outdoors and nearby towns with her family or taking trips to the local library or the zoo. She also loves to travel and is looking forward to exploring the world again with her kids too!

Phone: 303.861.4800 ext. 7314

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Adam Taylor

Interior Designer

Adam Taylor is a dedicated interior designer with a comprehensive commercial design and architectural background. Over the years, he has had opportunities to work on a variety of different and exciting projects ranging from residential homes to 20,000 square foot office spaces.

Meeting new people and hearing about their visions that they have for their spaces, and then making it happen is what Adam enjoys most about the interior design process. He loves watching ideas unfold while diligently working to achieve our clients' design goals. This career allows him to express his creativity while simultaneously uplifting the more analytical side of his thinking to achieve an aesthetic balance in every one of his designs.

As a Colorado native, Adam enjoys staying active and participating in all the outdoor activities this wonderful state has to offer. He enjoys visiting the different mountain towns around Colorado and taking in all the scenic views. When he is not outside, he is indoors playing the latest video game or sampling different breweries arounds the state with his sisters.

Phone: 303.861.4800 ext. 7312

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Nikki Childress

Interior Designer

Nikki  graduated from Heritage School of Interior Design. She is excited to have found an industry that provides her with the opportunity to use a wide range of her talents, skills, and passions for the aesthetic. Obsessed with organization, productivity and efficiency, Nikki prides herself on finding simple solutions to tough challenges.  She is continuously looking to improve the status quo, with an eye toward simplicity and elegance. Since graduating design school, Nikki has spent her time honing her skills on projects ranging from workplaces and eateries to medical offices, medspas, food labs and test kitchens. 

In her spare time Nikki makes any excuse to get outside and enjoy the spoils of our beautiful state. Camping, hiking, and laughing with friends and family around a campfire is her happy place. When in the city, she can be found trying to find Denver’s best almond croissant, visiting the local art museums, or at home gardening, baking, or spending time with her family.

Phone: 303.861.4800 ext. 7326

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Chuck Nichols


Chuck served as leader of Tenant Planning Services from 1983-2020, developing TPS in to one of Denver’s premiere interior design firms.  Chuck established the business based on his expertise and dedication for providing services that are responsive to the client’s objectives and sustainable in both design and construction.