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Who We Are


Interior Design in Denver

We Are Inspired...

Our team is an eclectic mix of design professionals that includes architects, project managers, designers, space planners, and technical experts, each with their own unique personal inspirations. We leverage that diversity by sharing our inspirations with our clients enabling them to make the best decisions for their workplace environment.

What We Do



We Solve Problems...

As companies evolve their business environment needs to evolve with them.  We provide planning and design services to those companies and building owners to enable that evolution.  Our objective is to actively listen and understand what that looks like to our client.  We rely on our expertise to provide practical solutions to complex challenges, which results in a new business environment that is reflective of our client’s culture and best supports the needs of their business.

Our Services Include...

Design Services

  • Space Programming

  • Space Planning

  • Modeling and Space Rendering

  • Material and Color Treatment Design

  • Interior Design

  • Furnishings, Fixtures and Equipment (FF&E) Consultation

Construction and Project Services

  • ​Construction Documentation

  • Bid Administration

  • Contract Administration

  • Construction Inspections

  • Project Management

Landlord Services

  • “As-built” Documentation

  • Building Area Measurement

  • Tenant Standards Development

  • Pre-Lease Consultation

  • Pre-Purchase Strategy

  • Building Renovation Design and Construction

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"Our goal at TPS is to provide services that are responsive to our client's objectives and are sustainable in both design and construction.


We study ideas & trends - then turn them into your vision."


                      Chuck Nichols - TPS Founder

Why We Do It



We Are Motivated...

We are design professionals for a cause.  We aim to make the environment a better place for future generations by thinking forward: Reducing waste; reusing existing components; and recycling those materials that can be repurposed.  We take pride in shaping the business community by creating designs that are both timeless and inspiring.   We are consistently furthering our education to ensure our experts are designing with both the current trends and ideologies, as well as utilizing those foundational principles that have shaped the world we know.

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